Let's start at the beginning. There are so many 'firsts' for you at the outset of your ministry.  It is very easy to launch into the new challenges and forget to pay careful attention to the sustaining and development practices of a pastoral leader.  Therefore, our first step is to 'firm our footing'. Two simple but important practices will be reinforced from the outset of your journey:

  • Who is going to be your 'go to' person for ministry development? In reality, we can have several 'go to' people, but for now let's make sure you have at least one  ministry coach who will journey with you in the early years.
  • How robust is your plan?  In your PL training you constructed a MDP (ministry development plan).  Now it is time to update it and share it with your coach (maybe also your leadership team), to make sure you have healthy transparency and accountability in the areas you want to develop.
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1. Set up Coaching Relationship(supervisor)

Coaching is a key element of the course.  You will continue the ministry practice of keeping a supervision log – click this link for your MDC coaching log template 2018 . Email your Coaching Logs to – 29 June & 30 October.

NOTE: This form is for YOU to fill in and not your coach/supervisor.  It provides you, your coach/supervisor, and me with a record of how your mentoring is going.  At the beginning of each session please review what you have written from the previous meeting with your coach. As an ongoing practice you may want to get a 'coaching journal' to record in, rather than the form we provide.

Good mentoring is crucial to the process of ministry development. Due to the nature of the role, we encourage you to choose a coach who has significant experience in pastoral ministry.

We ask that the coach would:

  • Help you reflect practically and theologically on the situations you are involved in.
  • Give counsel and guidance in the first years of your pastorate on such matters as study, pastoral work, preaching, devotional life, and personal conduct.
  • Check the progress of your MDC studies and give help as required.
  • Be on hand should any difficulties arise.
  • Provide encouragement when things go well.

Each coaching session will focus on a particular ministry related topic that is initiated by you.  At times you may also wish to use the Coaching suggestions (Coaching Discussion resource). Please give your Coach/supervisor a copy of the attachment as a possible resource.

Please engage a coach some time this month and confirm a series of meeting dates for this year.


2. Review Ministry Development Plan (MDP)

Now that you are in a ministry context it is important to revisit your MDP and begin to shape it for your new context.  Make a time with your coach to discuss what your MDP will look like. Ask each other, 'what needs to be changed, deleted, adapted for the ministry and setting that I am now in?'

Ministry Development Plan Template

Please send this to by the end of April. 


MDP graphic.JPG

3. Review your MDP with your Coach

By the end of April, you need to have achieved the following:

  • Discussed and reviewed  your Ministry Development plan (MDP) with your Coach
  • Updated your MDP as needed
  • Emailed your MDP to

It is  also recommended that you take time in a leader's meeting to work through this plan with your key leadership team (elders or staff) - This will allow for mutual understanding of your goals and expectations in your ministry development.