mdc week 11-16 Sept



Our MDC residential week is a 5 day programme of reflection, teaching and fun. Attendance for the entire course is essential and you are asked to ensure that you are freed up from pastoral duties during this time. This is a really special week divided into two parts. The first part you need to provide your own accommodation, the second part, we all stay together at Whakata Country Retreat.

 Please arrange to stay in Auckland for the entire course.


PART ONE: (11-13 September - Tuesday night-Friday morning)

At Carey and St Johns College, St Johns. 

The week commences on Tuesday the 11 September at 5.30pm with dinner, followed by a relaxed evening of sharing stories, praying and encouragement. Your spouses are warmly invited to come along. Whilst we encourage you to find minders for your children on this evening, we appreciate this is not always possible.  Please contact Wendy Budge if you wish to bring children with you as we would hate this to stop you from attending!  The remainder of the course is for Pastors only and concludes Sunday 11th at 3.00pm, with the exception of Friday night, when your spouses are welcome to join us for dinner. 

The next part of the course is learning together about avoiding the pitfalls of approval motivated leadership. We spend time at St Johns College and at Carey. 

This is a mixed time of learning, experiences, sharing and fun. 

 You will have free time on Friday morning up until 3pm to enjoy as you wish.


PART TWO:  (14-16 September - Friday 3 pm onwards-Sunday 3pm.)

At Whakata Country Retreat:

Friday evening involves another night of food and fun (to which spouses are also invited, this occasion will not be able to accommodate children).

The Saturday we spend time with Dr Phil Halstead and the Ministry team.

Sunday is a time of reflection.

Overall, this weekend is a special time of learning, deep sharing and prayer. 



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St Johns chapel, St Johns College. 

St Johns chapel, St Johns College. 

Whakata Country Retreat

Whakata Country Retreat


SCHEDULE  11-16 September

Tuesday                      at Carey.

5:30pm                       Dinner  

Wednesday                St Johns College, St Johns

  • 8:45am             meet at front of reception

  • 9.15am              holy euchrist

  • 9.45am             Self-reflective exercise

  • 10;15am            sharing in groups - morning tea served during this time  

  • 11;30                 Session 1 -  Jonny

  • 1:00 - 3:00pm    Lunch     - meadows cafe         

  • 3:00pm              session 2 -  jonny

  • 4:30pm              Finish and free time

Thursday                     at Carey

  • 8:45am              Meet at carey chapel

  • 9:00am              Session 3 - jonny

  • 10.00am             Break

  • 10.15am             Session 4 - jjonny

  • 11.30am             break

  • 11:45                  session 5 - jonny

  • 1:00pm               lunch

  • 2:00                   Session 6 - Jonny

  • 3:00                   Fun Afternoon and evening- led by sam


Friday                          at Whakata Country Retreat

  •  Morning             free time

  • 3.00pm                Arrive and settle in

  •  5.30pm                Happy hour and Dinner (spouse's are  welcome)


  • 7:30-8:30              Breakfast

  • 9.00am                 Phil Halstead and Ministry team ( breaks and lunch included)

  • 5:30pm                 Happy hour

  • 6:30pm                 Dinner, provided by Carey 


  • 7:30-8:30              Breakfast

  • 9:00                      Refelction, prayer, sharing

  • 3.00pm                 MDC Residential week concludes.



You are responsible for your own travel and for accommodation from Tuesday - Thursday nights.

from Friday evening -  Sunday carey provide ACCOMMODATION at Whakata country Retreat.




October 30  - MDC assignment 2

Send to .

For the second year MDC Pastors, this is the final assignment and is required for you to finish MDC and become registered at the Baptist Union Hui,7-10 November 2018 in Palmerston North.