We are sending this years textbook out to you:

People Pleasing Pastors, by Charles Stone


Why this book?

This year we aim to build your awareness of the trappings of 'approval motivated' leadership. This book will be a conversation partner with a particular focus on the social science theory of 'emotional systems'.

You can grab a taste of this by looking at this summary of a pioneer in the field of applying 'emotional systems theory' to leadership below:



Please start reading the book. If you don’t journal already, could you please buy yourself a notebook and have it alongside this reading? As you read, please take personal notes. This will help you as we come together to process this material in September. Here are some of the kinds of questions you could be reflecting on in your journal:

  • What are you resonating with?
  • What are you disagreeing with?
  • What questions do you have?
  • What emotions are you feeling as you read?
  • What situations in your life and ministry are being brought to mind?
  • How is the Lord speaking to you?
  • What is the Lord prompting you to do?


NOTE: By June 30 your Supervision log is due.  This will give us a chance to observe how your journey as a 'reflective practitioner' is developing.

Email this through to  mdc@carey.ac.nz