MDC 2018


“The first five years of parish ministry set an entire ministry.  The habits, the inclinations, the dispositions, the way of understanding vocation is set in those first five years, and it lasts.”
                                                                                                                                              (James Small, Company of New Pastors)

Welcome to the Carey  Ministry Development Course (MDC) 2018.

This is facilitated by the  Director of Ministry Training, Jonny Weir, supported by Sam Kilpatrick and Coordinator Wendy Budge.

 This is an ongoing invitation to a lifelong journey of learning in the context that God has placed you.  The Ministry Development Course (MDC) is Carey’s commitment to walk with you and your church in the first two years of your ministry.  These first two years are crucial for you to set healthy patterns and rhythms that will encourage your ongoing development as a Pastor.



Goals of the Ministry Development Course (MDC)

  • To help you refine and contextualise your ministry development plan.
  • To help you embed healthy practices of ministry.
  • To provide learning opportunities that are relevant to your early ministry years
  • To fulfill the requirements of your provisional registration* with the Baptist Union (Baptist Pastor’s only )
  • To provide support and guidance


MDC consists of a number of components designed to help you develop healthy patterns in your first two years of ministry.  Each month you will be encouraged to engage with your new ministry context in ways that facilitate your ongoing development as a theologically informed and reflective practitioner.


Registration for the  MDC 2018 is due by April 30th


The fee for the 2018 MDC is $550 including GST. This covers all your course expenses throughout the year, including course material, teaching, marking, lunches, dinner, and the residential costs during the 'retreat'.

Registration for MDC 2018 expires April 30th. Course fees need to be paid by April 30th. Payment Details: Please transfer $550 to 02-0256-0013024-00 (Carey Baptist College - Reference 'Name' & MDC). Contact Lidy at Reception for further enquiries


Provisional Registration

Provisional Registration is the initial two-year period for leaders who have not previously been registered as Baptist Ministers.

Participants in the Carey Baptist College Ministry Development Course (MDC) also need to apply for Provisional Registration.  MDC fulfills the ‘self directed learning’ option of your registration process, it is seperate to Provisionsal registration with the Union. 

Following your successful completion of Provisional Registration, new fully registered leaders are given public recognition at the annual national Baptist assembly, Hui.

Note: Failure to apply for provisional registration with the Baptist Union will limit your ability to achieve full registration in two years. To learn more and begin your registration process go to website below. Alternatively the contact person is Andrea Sergeant. See button below.


You will need to make arrangements with a suitable person accessible to your local context, and able to meet physically or online with you regularly over the year. The coach or supervisor  does not need to be Baptist, but must be someone who is experienced in pastoral leadership and who will be committed to help you  develop in your ministry. They need to be willing  to journey alongside you during the year. 

It would be ideal to meet monthly. The focus is to  help you to assess your current ministry practice and develop your learning experience into new or altered patterns of ministry practice in your own context.

Please see ‘March’ if you wish to understand this further